Royal Jazz Joint is a collaboration between Sandra Klack and Sebastian Svensson and their goal is to spread the swing music, the swing dance and the joy of it. They organizes different swing events in the Stockholm area and travel to teach around the world.

They offers the following services for your pleasure and joy!

Royal Jazz Joint the swing dance club

Swing dj (1920-1950's music)

Workshops/ dance classes

Taster classes

Private lessons

Dance shows

Idea for swing events (1920-1950's themes)

Live swing music by Hornsgatan Ramblers

Royal Jazz Joint has worked with Chicago swing dance studio to organize the after-Herräng party The High Spot 2012. They have also collaborated with the show "In the mood for christmas" to make a special swing evening with a great 1 hour show and a swing dance club under the same roof.

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